What Is The Best Precipitation Forecast App?

Are you looking for an app to give you a good precipitation forecast beyond the next few hours?  Is there an app that can do it?  Why is it so hard to do?  We explore the challenges and best options when it comes to precipitation forecast and why you might want to look to a forecast with human interpretation.

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What Is The Best Radar App?

We begin our exploration into the simple yet complicated question – What Is The Best Forecast App?  We start with radar apps.  Here are the top 3 for you to try on either iOS or Android:

While the focus of this episode has been mobile apps, if you need a good radar and satellite website, WeatherTap ( http://www.weathertap.com ) is highly recommended.

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Are Meteorologists Heartless?

Do meteorologist lack compassion?  Does chasing severe weather show disrespect to those negatively impacted?  Come join us as we explore these issues in the latest episode.

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What Is It About Clouds?

Time again for the quarterly short episode.   We hope you are enjoying the start to your meteorological fall or spring.

We will be starting a new video series in September called ‘What Is It About Clouds?’  It will be available via YouTube and not the regular podcast/vidcast feed.  If you find clouds interesting and want to learn more about the different types and how they form, then the series is hopefully something you will enjoy.  You can be kept updated by subscribing to the What Is It About The Weather YouTube Channel.

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Can Lightning Be Forecast?

Do we have enough knowledge, tools and data to be able to forecast lightning?  In the latest episode we look at lightning sensors and what information they can give us that just may save your life.

Here are some great lightning resources for your use:

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Did Weather Cause The Black Death?

Time to get back to ‘Whether Weather Changed History?’  In this episode we explore the connection between weather/climate and the Bubonic Plague outbreak known as The Black Death.  Did weather trigger the start or spread of the disease? Or were more long range shifts at work?  Come find out.

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Lightning – Up Or Down?

So this week we explore and try to clarify if lightning goes up or down?  What do you think?

There is a nice summary article on the topic in the latest issue of Weatherwise.  It is written by Walt Lyons with inputs from Tom Warner.  You can check it out here.

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Are Barometric Pressure Changes Key In Catching Fish?

Have you ever wondered how changing air pressure impacts fish?  Is steady, falling or rising barometric pressure the best for catching fish?  Is it the pressure or accompanying weather changes that really matter?  Find out the answers in this week’s episode.

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What Is The Most Dangerous Type Of Weather?

So do you know what the most dangerous type of weather is?  Is it tornadoes?  Maybe thunderstorms, lightning, or flooding rains?  Don’t forget blizzards and freezing temperatures? Tropical cyclones? Or is it something else?  In this episode we explore what is the primary weather killer and its sneaky behavior?

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Weather And Your Vacation

Do you consider the weather when planning your vacation?  Has bad weather around you ever encouraged you to take a weekend trip?  What do you do when weather impacts your vacation?  Just a few of the questions we dive into in this episode where we explore the connection between weather and vacations.

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News Stories

Main Topic

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What Is Your Favorite Summertime Food?

So do the seasons impact what weather we eat?  What is your favorite food to eat during the summertime months?  In this episode we discuss some of your favorites, both the surprises and the expected.

If you are interested in reading a good summary article with links to more detailed research about the connection between seasons and diet, check out this article by Allison Aubrey.


Rain Me A Song You’re The Weatherman

What is your favorite weather song?  For centuries, composers, lyricists and artists have made weather a recurring theme in the music and songs we listen to.  Whether you like classical, modern, pop, metal, country or even nature music, there is something for you.  We explore how weather events and emotions are conveyed via music.

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Weather news item:

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Does Weather Impact My Wifi OR Am I Impacting Weather?

Long before I worked in the weather enterprise, I was asked questions about the impact of weather on home routers, mobile devices, etc.  However, the real question to ask is how are my modern mobile communication devices impacting weather technology?  You may not realize that it is more likely you are or will in the future impact the weather world versus it impacting your technology.

Want to read some more about what we discuss this week?

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That Is A Bad Forecast!

Did you just see or hear a weather forecast that promised a specific temperature? How often are those right, not very. Deterministic forecasts, while quick and convenient, do not properly convey the given uncertainty and confidence a forecast has. While some meteorologists convey probabilities with subjective terminology that surrounds a deterministic forecast, those terms can create confusion and disappointment.

Forecasts that have well quantified probabilities that reflect uncertainty and confidence as well as your risk exposure are ideal. Of course this is not always easy to do, but you should seek it out when making important weather related decisions.

As always here are some things you can review to expand your understanding:


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The Smell Of Rain

What do lightning, perfume and bacteria have in common?  Well it seems they are all connected to the the smell of rain.  However, does rain really smell?  We dive into that topic in the latest episode of You Ask – We Answer.

For those with a bit more of an explorer’s spirit, here are some links for additionally reading and viewing:

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Broadcast Meteorology – The Future – Morphing For Survival

Broadcast meteorologists have been a mainstay of television newscasts for years, but declines in local news audiences as well as surging weather apps and social media outlets are redefining the industry.  While it makes up less than 10% of the weather enterprise, broadcast meteorology is the most common link between the industry and most consumers of weather information.  So will your future include ‘watching’ your favorite weatherperson? Or will they even exist?

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Thank You and Thank Them!

Thank you for all the support thus far.  Whether just listening or embracing the RSVP, it is greatly appreciated!

But let’s remember there are lots of folks who protect us when severe weather heads our way.  So take a moment today to go thank at least one of them.


For those interested in the difference between meteorological and astronomical summer, here is a little reading.


Is There A Connection Between Earthquakes And Weather

So is there such a thing as “Earthquake Weather”?  If not, is there any relationship between the two at all?

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Weather That Changed History : D-Day

Is it really possible that weather had enough impact to change the course of humanity?  In this episode we explore the weather and weather forecasting associated with the D-Day invasion of World War II.  The success of the Normandy campaign is considered a key factor in how and when World War II would end.  Join us as we explore how the fickle weather of the English Channel shaped the outcome of WWII or did it?

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How Cool Is Evaporation

In this episode we answer the question – ‘What Is Evaporative Cooling?’

  • Did you realize that air cools when water evaporates?
  • Did you know you can use this concept to cool a building?
  • Have you ever experienced evaporative cooling personally?
  • Have you taken a hot shower lately?

Jump in the latest episode of You Ask – We Answer to find the answer to these questions and so much more!


The Inuit Have Over 1000 Words For Snow … Seriously?

In this episode we explore the connection between language and weather.  So you may have heard before that the Inuit have over XXX words for snow.  Have you ever wondered whether or not that is true?  Well, is it?  Born out of an introductory text written back in 1910s by Franz Boas, we explore this legend and the validity of the claims.

We also explore the more basic concept of how languages have developed based on weather and climate in different regions around the globe.  Did you know that humidity levels and atmospheric pressure likely influenced language development around the globe?

It is also possible that how we talk about the weather is determining our prosperity according to Keith Chen.

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Shorts, No, Not The Kind You Wear

From time to time we have things that cross our mind or enter our field of vision or just seem cool.  These little weather related spots are things we think you might want to see or could enjoy.  However, we don’t have time to do much editing or getting these loaded.  So to keep it simple we have created a playlist on our YouTube site called What Is It About The Weather – Shorts.  Very creative name isn’t it.

Per the name, these will always be short little videos of a minute or less.  Just go to our YouTube channel and look at ‘playlists’ and you will find the What Is It About The Weather – Shorts.  We hope you enjoy and of course feel free to subscribe to be notified automatically.


Gotta Luv Some Playin’ Hooky Weather

We are always on the lookout for it, but it is quite rare.  The perfect weather to accompany that day when we are not doing what we were supposed to because we just have to be outside enjoying the day!

In this episode of You Ask – We Answer, we answer the question – “What is the perfect ‘playing hooky’ weather?”  We explore the elements that are necessary to bring about the perfect weather to suck you out of your planned schedule and find yourself just plain enjoying life.

So let’s dive in.


Weather … What Are The Odds?

Is there really such a thing a definite or deterministic weather forecast? Not really, but there is a good reason for that. What is most important is making sure however you understand what the probabilities you are being provided actually mean. In this episode we explore the “Probability of Precipitation” and “1 in a XX year flood” statements as examples that are seemingly simple in nature but subject to frequent misinterpretation. We will also examine how advances in weather forecast modeling that include ensembles or perturbation forecasts lead to better forecasts even if they don’t give you a single answer.

Just remember that probabilities are actually a good thing when it comes to your weather forecast. So understanding what they tell you about confidence, uncertainty, and odds of a weather event or forecast is a really good thing.

Thank you to Laura Belanger of the National Weather Service, Peachtree City office for letting us reference and discuss your research as well as Mark Elliot of The Weather Channel for letting us reference your recent demonstration video.


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Finding The Right Spot For That Personal Weather Station

So, you decided you finally want to get your own personal weather station and now the questions start running through your head …  Which one should I buy? What’s right for me? Where will I put it?

In this episode of You Ask – We Answer, we answer the question – “How do I select and properly site a personal weather station?”  We review types of units and things to consider before you purchase as well as the challenges of properly siting the station as well as the compromises you will likely have to make.

So let’s dive in.


Weather & The Movies

We switch gears in this episode as we head to hollywood to discuss weather themed and influenced movies.  So what is your favorite movie? And what are the elements of a good weather movie?  Looking at some of the worst and best weather movies of all times, we consider this question from the perspective of a weather enthusiast versus just regular folks.  So come join the discussion about weather movies.

Links to those items mentioned in the show include:

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Just How Sensitive Is That Green Screen

In the latest episode of You Ask – We Answer, we pick up from our last episode with a bit more coverage on green screens.  This time we explore how sensitive the green screen color is to other shades of green.  Sometimes it can be a bit surprising just which greens or even other colors with green hues can magically become invisible in front of a green screen.

I wish to thank three meteorologists who graciously provided content to help with this episode and of course their stations for allowing use of the content:

With the launch of this episode we have also built a YouTube channel for the vidcasts for those of you who prefer consuming there.

As always have good and exciting weather!


Psychology Of The Weather

In this episode we explore the impact of weather on mood and behavior.  Are you inclined to prefer the weather of your youth?  Do temperature and humidity impact your behavior?  Is being male or female more likely to make you susceptible to the influence of weather?  Is your mother to blame to for your ‘weather personality’?  Come find out in the latest episode of What Is It About the Weather.

For those interested in digging a bit deeper on the topic, here are some links to today’s referenced material:



You Ask – We Answer

In then the first episode of our vidcast series, You Ask – We Answer, we answer the question “How do meteorologists know what is going on when standing in front of a green screen?”

Similar to our first podcast, this is a pilot episode with some rough spots, but hopefully you will enjoy it nonetheless.

A special thanks to Christina Edwards of WHNT in Huntsville, AL for sharing her green screen setup.


Let’s Start The Journey

I welcome you all to enjoy this first unedited slightly edited version.  It will stay unedited for roughly a week while I explore intro and transition music/sound effects, etc.  There are some cracks and rough spots given the recording was done on just a phone headset.  Of course I hope to change all that going forward.  Your feedback, suggestions, ideas, stories, and questions are welcome and encouraged.

You can reach me either of these ways:

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The podcast feed has been submitted to Apple and Google for inclusion in their databases.  For those of you who use a podcast app or software that allows you to submit to a feed.  Here is the feed link in case you want to subscribe.

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