What Is It About The Weather? is a podcast where we explore the many ways that weather intertwines itself into our everyday lives. After 222 episodes over 6 years, the podcast series has concluded. However you can still listen to all the episodes.

All audio podcasts episodes can still be accessed and subscribed to in familiar locations like Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. You can also use the podcast feed in apps where you enjoy listening to podcast content. And if you prefer just loading in a web browser you can find all the episodes in our collection @ archive.org.

All video related content can be found at the YouTube page. Playlists have also been created for the following collections on that page: You Ask – We Answer, What Is It About Clouds?, Weather Shorts.

New projects are still being developed. All future content will first be posted to YouTube, so subscribe there if you want to be alerted when new content arrives in the upcoming year.

Of course, always remember … there is much more to weather than the weather itself!