How Can I Grade My Weather Forecast?

Can I grade weather forecasts I use whether it be from a website, person, or app?  Sure you can, and in this episode we discuss both the why and how behind this process of forecast verification.

You can try this service from ForecastAdvisor if you use olnine services or some of the common apps. If you need to add a local forecaster(s) into the mix or use less common apps and need to pull together verification data, consider these sources – NWS Climate, Weather Underground, or the Global Summary of the Day.

If you are interested in learning more about Tropical Cyclone (Hurricane) preparedness, check out this resource from the Weather Ready Nation Program. Also, consider participating in the active National Weather Service Hazards Simplification surveys.

And of course if you want the ‘scoop’ on why your vanilla ice cream prices are soaring, check out this story.

And now for the episode …