We hope you are enjoying our episodes.  If you want to receive updates automatically about new episodes we recommend subscribing to the appropriate feed that best fits your setup.  Both our long form audio only podcasts and short form vidcasts are available through a variety of sources.  There is NO charge for subscribing.

Available Sources

Audio & Video – Includes all standard podcasts and vidcasts

  • iTunes – this is the likely choice for all you Apple users
  • 3rd Party Apps – for those of you using Pocket Casts or other third party podcasts apps that utilize an RSS feed

Audio Only – Includes just the audio podcasts

  • Google Play – Google is still rolling out this service so it may not be available in your area
  • TuneIn – Online radio service that also streams podcasts

Video Only – Includes all the vidcasts plus occasional weather related shorts

  • YouTube – Playlists are available to simplify which content might be of interest